behaviours that change ... well, everything!

Witnessing human behaviour in all its manifestations, contexts and cultures, and noticing his own within the immensely diverse settings he encountered, drove Martin Humphries to sit down and write The Only Behaviour You Control is Your Own. It changed his life.

Not only that, it has gone on to postitively change and enhance the lives and relationships of many who have read and implemented the findings and techniques within this book – click below to read some of their reviews.

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“Wow! My wife and I have been praticing these behavioural principles, and guess what? They work! Thank you!”

David Shelby


“I had no idea I was holding myself back in so many areas of my life. This book has truly had a transformative effect on me.”

Julie McDonald


“I’ve only just finished this book, but already I am recommending it to everyone I meet. Inspirational!”

Stuart Baxter

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